The ABH – “Arlberg Boutique Hotel & Hostel“ is a family-run hotel in the Arlberg-region. We – Miriam, Dave and our dog Ruby acquired the “Gasthof Edelweiss” in Summer 2017 and renamed it to better represent us and where we want to go with the Hotel. During the first Summer and Autumn months we started to renovate the older parts of the house to our design. In reality this means Miriam has the ideas and Dave has to find a way to make those ideas happen. 

You won’t find your typical hotel-ambiance, standard “waiter-penguins” and punctual gala-dinners in our house. We do however offer a whole lot of “feel-good-vibes” and the special-touch of original hospitality. We are young, dynamic and always good for a surprise. For the next few years our heads are already filled with new and innovative ideas, but our ABSOLUTE priority is to offer an easy going and welcoming vibe for all of our guests. True to our motto: 

The ski-goggle-tan will fade, but the memories will last 4ever!

dare to be different

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